About Us


From a Working Dairy Farm…
…to a Spectacular Event Center

Green Grove Gardens began as a working dairy farm owned by the Martin family in Greencastle, PA. The Martins recognized the beauty of this unique setting and many years ago began hosting weddings for friends in the local community. Over the years, the Martins transformed the property with landscaped gardens and water features.

Eventually, the wonderful old dairy barn caught someone’s eye as the ideal location for a wedding reception. Sensing an opportunity to share the barn with others, the Martins entered into a partnership with the McCleaf family, who owns and operates the popular Mountain Gate Family Restaurant in Thurmont, Maryland.

The barn was renovated to become an event hall, and the original hardwood floors were kept, giving a memorably antique warmth to the facility. A spacious deck was added offering views of the nearby Tuscarora Mountains, and much of the 40 acres surrounding the barn were further landscaped to become expansive gardens accented with fountains, a pergola, and paved walkways.

Today, Green Grove Gardens is one of the region’s premier event centers, with the capacity to host a tremendous variety of fully-catered events—from weddings and fundraisers to corporate events and even rodeos.

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